Located in Olhao recreation port in Ria Formosa, Algarve, RENT-A-BOAT is a boat rental company. We offer a wide range of boats and a team of professionals ready to propose the best experience possible. Our demands are professionalism, integrity, competence, rigor, dedication and sustainability.

We are a company dedicated primarily to boat rental without skipper, which aims to offer a unique service in Olhao and Algarve, honoring our commitments and providing a quality service to our customers.

We offer a varied range of vessels, in order to satisfy the requirement of our customers. Rent-a-boat also provides, among others, boat rental services with skipper or boat tours, where we are dedicated to raising awareness of the splendor of the Ria Formosa, Barrier Islands, among many other options, both in fauna as in flora.



Rent-a-Boat is a newly established company making is own place at the local and regional market. Rent-a-Boat’s project was already under development for several years, having emerged in late 2014, the ideal opportunity to be realized and matured in corporate form. The focus was on the kind of needs that people who visit us have, for example, be able to enjoy on its own beaches and surrounding nature. A year ago, now owners took back this company with the same passion for the Ria Formosa and boats. We wanted to offer a real solution for people who want to enjoy the beaches and nature freely! The Algarve, Olhao and the Ria Formosa have many wonders, and a boat rental allows you to discover them freely!



Always working with the utmost rigor and dedication, Rent-a-Boat aims to the total satisfaction of its customers. That is why we propose several boats with the best quality / price ratio on the market. Freedom, trust, efficiency: Rent-a-boat is the promise of a unique experience! We want to make it easy to rent a boat to enjoy Olhao and the Algarve in all peace of mind!



Rent-a-Boat always aims to satisfy its customers by providing excellent services. Our goal is to become a regional and national reference company. Internationalization is also one of our objectives and already a reality: 80% of our customers come from all over the world!




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